Beat Your Sugar Cravings with These Indian Desserts

Just like the rest of the world, Indians also love desserts. In fact, some of them use traditional desserts as sacred offerings during their time of worship. The following Indian desserts can definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

  1. Gulab Jamun

This dessert is comprised of golden fried khoya (dried whole milk). Gulab Jamin is spiced with saffron and is soaked in sugar syrup. Ushna, a restaurant that offers Dubai and Indian cuisine, is a good place to this festive staple.

  1. Modak

Steamed to keep it healthy, Modak is basically a flour-based dumpling filled with nutmeg, coconut, saffron and jaggery. You would often encounter Modak during Ganesh Chaturthi festival. This is like a sweetened version of China’s siomai.

  1. Sandesh

Also known as Bengal’s milk sweets, Sandesh is a bite-size, fudgy dessert constituted by saffron, cardamom and cottage cheese. This is highly recommended for some sugar rush!

  1. Gajar Ka Halwa

This dessert is perfect during winter season. Gajar Ka Halwa is a pudding with carrots, nuts, condensed milk, green cardamoms, ghee, dried fruits, almonds and sugar as its main ingredients.

  1. Strawberry Lassi

Cold, creamy and sweet, Strawberry Lassi can help you beat the summer heat. You can easily make this kind of beverage at home. All you need to have are either water-thinned yogurt or milk, strawberries and rose water. Blend them altogether to form a smoothie. You may also create a mango, chocolate, melon and other fruit version of this drink.

  1. Kaju ki Barfi

Kaju is a Hindi word which means “cashew nut” in English. On the other hand, Barfi is commonly a mix of sugar, thickened milk and other ingredients. Blended together, they are called Kaju ki Barfi. This nut-based dessert is often given as a gift to friends and loved ones during celebrations and special occasions.

  1. Kulfi

This well-liked creamy frozen dessert is like India’s own kind of ice cream. It comes in different flavors. Some of the popular choices are mango kulfi, almond malai kulfi and cranberry kulfi.

  1. Malpura

In a typical American setting, Malpura is like a ricotta (cheese) pancake soaked in cardamom syrup.  Most of the time, it is sprinkled with nuts (preferably pistachios) to form a unique yet tasty dessert.

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