Do’s and Don’t’s Of Giving Flowers To Your Man

Man are known for their masculinity and strength. And they are often given gifts that are related to those qualities. Giving flowers to them is a big taboo as it spells softness, beauty, and femininity, attributes that are only known to women.

But nowadays, giving flowers to a man is acceptable, and if you are planning on giving your man an arrangement soon, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Pick the right flower and the right size

The choice of flower is important when giving a man a bouquet. Although roses is the generally-accepted choice, it would be best to select other blooms depending on their meaning and based on the occasion. For instance, if you man is sick, you can give him a bouquet of gerbera to cheer him up.


With regards to the size, men would prefer a simpler arrangement as opposed to what the ladies usually received. It would be best if you can put it on a pot or a vase instead of the usual arrangement. Check you flower delivery online shop. They have varieties of blooms and arrangements that comes in different sizes and colors.


  • Pick the right colors

Colors are very important as well when selecting a bouquet for your man. Pink and other light-colored flowers would not be an ideal choice as the color relates more to women. Opt for dark-colored blooms like orchids. They are known to last longer and can be a decorative piece on their space. Another choice for colors are blue and green. Green blooms are not only beautiful but they are also refreshing to the eyes.


  • Choose the right add ons

Add ons can definitely give the floral arrangement a touch of masculinity. Do not go for the usual add ons like chocolates and teddy bears. The better alternative would be a vintage wine. If you insist on something sweet, maybe a truffle or vintage chocolate would be the way to go. Ask your flower shop on the ideal add ons for your man’s flower arrangement.


  • Give a different kind of bouquet

If you are not that comfortable on giving an actual flower arrangement to your guy, then opt for a different kind of bouquet. Lots of flower shops today offer fruit bouquets or chocolate-covered fruit flowers. It can be a good alternative for flowers.


  • Do not be embarrassed

Do not worry about your man not accepting your gift. They would love it no matter what. But if you are too shy to give it personally, have them delivered instead. You can send flowers to Dubai or any other location nowadays. Just do not forget to leave a sweet note!