A Kitchen Should Be Two Things: Beautiful and Functional

According to Coco Channel, “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Since this article is about kitchen designs, we can say that “a kitchen should be two things: beautiful and functional”. Create your dream kitchen or transform your existing kitchen to become beautiful and functional with the help of the following design principles we’ve listed for you:


  • Maximize Your Kitchen Space – the best way in maximizing the functionality of your kitchen is to identify and maximize the wasted spaces. Did you know that you are making extra steps inside your kitchen because of these wasted spaces? You could have finished your family meals faster without those time-consuming extra steps. To eliminate extra steps, you should re-organize your kitchen items and store them next to where you use them.
  • Incorporate Wider Walkways – it’s a well-known truth that kitchens are not just a venue to prepare meals, they are also a hub for family and friends stopping by for a visit. There are moments when people prefer to talk and bond inside the kitchen, even if the living room is available. Well, that is a culture and we cannot easily change it. So, it is advisable that in designing your dream kitchen, you should consider incorporating walkways that are wide enough for you to prepare your meals and entertain the visitors at the same time.
  • Make the Atmosphere of Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly – you don’t want your kid to always ask you to get his/her snacks every time he/she is hungry, right? If you want your kid to be more independent, maybe it’s time for you to make your kitchen kid-friendly. The idea is simple: you just need to position your kid’s favourite snacks and drinks on lower shelves where they can easily reach them. Another idea is to have kid-friendly kitchen tools (or maybe kitchen toys) for your kid to enjoy. You may also ask them to do simple kitchen tasks like peeling a banana or an orange—this can be a great way to bond with your kid.
  • Meet with a Professional in the Field of Kitchen Designing – this will make the kitchen construction/remodelling really easier for you. They will save you time in deciding because they already have many unique, professional layouts for you to choose from. All you need to do is to suggest some specifications to add your own personal touch to their designs.


Believe that you can create the kitchen of your dreams by hiring the professionals in this field. If you are in search of kitchen designs Dubai residents prefer, there is no need to search elsewhere. Visit our kitchen showroom in Dubai today!