Things to know about solid surface countertops

If you are planning on getting your countertop renovated, the one thing for sure is that you will have a hard time choosing between the different materials available these days. Choosing one out of all these endless options can prove to be a gargantuan task. However, there is no need for you to get worried about things, as you can now easily choose a material that is right for all sorts of budgets and design needs – you can now get yourself solid surface kitchen counters.



Solid surface kitchen counters are made out of hard synthetic materials. This includes polyester, acrylic and natural fillers. The best part about this material is that it can easily be fitted into different sizes and shapes, as required. Considering the fact that this material is available in a variety of colors, there will be no need for you to worry about fixing up your design requirements according to the color of the counter that you like. Most importantly, solid surface kitchen counters are also available in polished and matte finishes. The availability of all these options in terms of design and colors ensures that your design needs will be fulfilled.


The most hygienic and easy-to-maintain option available today

A major reason behind the popularity of kitchen counters that are manufactured using solid surfaces is that these are non-porous. What this means is that they restrict the growth of bacteria and germs. The fact of the matter is that viruses, bacteria, germs, microbes and molds require a proper place to hide and multiply, which is not possible in solid surfaces. It is for this reason that they simply cannot exist on this material. Apart from that, the material is very easy to clean too. In most cases, it is nearly impossible for it to get stained. For cleaning purposes, all you need to do is to scrub it away with a rag cloth.


An important point that must be mentioned here is that the material is highly resistant to wear and tear. But the one thing for sure is that the countertops can easily get scratched by sharp objects. Hence, it is necessary for you to make use of a cutting board. Also, in case any damage occurs, there is no need for you to worry about it because it can easily get fixed by your contractor. Look at here for more information in this regard.