All You Need to know about Morning Weddings

Most people in this world don’t even know that they can have a morning wedding. This is because there is so much written about evening weddings that when you talk of wedding, it is by default that people assume having one in the evening. With that, here’s a look in to the advantages of having a wedding in the morning:


These are less expensive

When you go through wedding planners in dubai, the one thing you will figure out for sure is that morning weddings happen to be a lot cheaper. Although there are many different reasons for this, the one that stands out amongst the rest is that of the bill for food and drink. In an early wedding, all you will need to serve is a brunch, which is obviously going to cost less per head as compared to a full-fledged dinner. Also, people drink more at night, so you will definitely save a lot on your bar bill too. The best part is that the money you save can easily be spent on your honeymoon or other things.


It will end early

Your wedding reception is more than likely to end by late afternoon, which makes morning weddings the best choice for those who aren’t night owls or want to head out on their honeymoon trip during the day. The best part is that you will have plenty of time available to you for a romantic wedding night, which is something that you might compromise if you have an evening wedding full of drinking and dancing.


These are more family friendly

If you are interested in inviting multiple generations of your family, then it is highly recommended for you to have a morning wedding. Experts at believe that a late morning ceremony and an early afternoon reception will work best in such a case as both the older and younger generation will be at their best at these hours. This might not be the case if you opt to have an evening wedding. People get tired by the end of the day and might not be able to participate as such.

If anything, morning weddings tend to offer a lot of benefits. For those interested in a calm and quiet wedding without having to spend a lot of money should seriously consider this option. In a morning wedding, you will be able to save significant amounts of money while having all the younger and older members of your family around in the event.