5 Essential Tips On Packing Your Furniture & Electronics

Packing is probably the hardest part of moving. Just thinking about putting all your belongings in boxes for a short duration is stressful enough. But that is just your ordinary stuff. You need to think about the complicated ones – the electronics and your furniture.

Special care should be taken when packing these gears and furnishings. If you are currently packing some electronic gears for the move, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Computers and laptops


The first thing that you need to do when packing your computers, laptops and gadgets is to make a backup of all your files. You would never know what will happen to these devices when they make their way to a storage space in Dubai. There are instances that the devices will be damaged and it would be very difficult to recover the important files you saved on them. You need to prepare for any eventuality when packing this kind of stuff.

Once the backup is done, put them on their original boxes and pack them separately. But if the original box is not around, use a box large enough to contain these devices and put a lot of packing materials around it.

  • Television monitors


Definitely one of the hardest to pack in terms of electronics. Handling TVs and monitors should be taken seriously. The first order of business when packing a television set is to know what type of TV you have and what would be the packing procedure that needs to be done on that kind of TV. For instance, Plasma TVs are very delicate compared to LCD TV. Special packing and handling procedure should be followed. Put them in their original boxes and be sure that they are cushioned enough to prevent damage.


You can check with the manufacturer and see what procedures they can provide on packing your TV.


  • Video and audio components


Some people think packing the audio and video components is an easy peasy job. But in reality, it can get a little confusing, when it is time to unpack. They key here is to be organized. Before unplugging these components, take a picture of the arrangement and label them accordingly. Also, do not forget if there are any CDs still inside the component. Put them in their original box including the padding.


  • Seating furniture


Your sofas and couches is another furniture that would take probably a whole day to pack. But there is another way. Before you bring it to furniture storage companies in Dubai, wrap the furniture in a bubble wrap. Be sure to clean them before packing to prevent the dust and other elements from damaging the wood piece during the move.