5 Basic Night Out Decorum You Need To Follow

For some people, having fun would mean throwing the rules out of the window and party their hearts out. But even if you are dancing your worries away and having a good time with your friend, you need to ensure that you are following the proper decorum to make sure that you party sans the trouble.


If this is the first time you are going out and hopping to Dubai cocktail bars, be sure to keep these tips in mind:


  1. Dress appropriately


When you are going out, you need to keep in mind that you will be partying with tons of people. Some of them would be eyeing you from across the room and checking you out. You don’t want to catch the wrong kind of attention and get into trouble. So be sure that you dress accordingly and will not cross the line of decency. Most bars and clubs today have dress code to follow, so be sure to know them before buying an outfit.


  1. Mind your alcohol intake


Most bars are quite strict about giving their guests alcohol, since they don’t want the guest to go beyond their limits. But it is also the responsibility of the guests to watch their alcohol intake. When you are out partying, be sure to do a self-check and see if you already reached your alcohol limit. If you feel that you are nearing on getting tipsy, stop going to the bar and order something that would help you nurse your dizziness.


  1. Be friendly and polite


There will be instances that people will approach you to get to know you or even ask for your number. Be friendly and but dismiss them politely. You don’t want to cause a scene inside the bar. If the individual is persistent, try to ask help from the bar security.


  1. Dance appropriately


Of course, your night out is not complete without dancing and showing your moves. But be sure to follow proper etiquette when you are in the dance floor. Make sure that you dance without bumping to others. If you did, apologize to the offended party.


  1. Respect the establishment rules

Each bar and party establishment has their own set of rules. Make sure that you know and follow their rules to a letter to avoid getting into trouble. Some of these bar protocols are simple and very easy to follow.


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