What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

Not everyone is a master of social skills. Your words may be interpreted one way or another, and your gestures may not accurately express what you feel. One thing is for sure, however: your clothes send signals, and those can tell people things about you that you’d rather they didn’t know. Here are some of them:

Ill-fitting Clothes: You’re Struggling

They say that to have a good day, you should feel good about the way you look. This is true to some extent, just as the mere act of faking a smile can actually boost your mood. Conversely, when you wear ill-fitting clothes, it sends a message that you need help, often financially.

To avoid being marked as unsuccessful by your colleagues, and to stop the assumptions about your financial standing, find a men’s tailor in Dubai to work on your clothes. You’ll see an improvement in the way you carry yourself when your clothes fit perfectly, and in effect people will see you as more successful.

White Socks: You’re Cautious

There’s nothing wrong with wearing white socks. However, with the many prints these days, and street fashion dictating that funky socks are in, sticking to your plain whites every day says you’re afraid to take risks. This also shows that you are not willing to take on an unplanned adventure–who would want to dirty those white socks, right?

It’s easy to change this perception, of course. Go to websites of personal styling companies and you’ll already see ideas. All you need are some colorful socks to add to your wardrobe. Considering how affordable socks are, it’s not a bad thing to invest in them if they will boost your cred that much.

Unironed Clothes: You Don’t Manage Your Time Well

Ever ran late for a meeting? You might have woken up late, so you just put together whatever items of clothing you could grab. And some of those might have creases. Even if that is not what happened, that is the picture your unironed clothes will show. When you look like you’re wearing yesterday’s clothes, or that you didn’t put in effort to look your best, it makes other people wary of trusting you when it comes to important decisions. That’s a potential promotion down the drain right there.

Your clothes speak as loudly as your actions. Make sure those two work together. You can’t introduce yourself as that “aspiring talent with an adventurous streak” if you scream boring all over.