Office Design Trends That Will Make Office Lit In 2018

Business perspectives are always changing. Year to year, you will see some new business trends being implemented and old ones making a big comeback. Same goes with office design in Dubai. Annually, designers introduce something new to make working spaces innovative, and address the needs of business owners and workers. In the coming years, more emphasis will be given on workplace interiors and how it can help improve working conditions.

And 2018, expect to see these hot designs that will make offices vibrant and alive:

  • Home-themed offices

Back then, offices are considered places of business. Which is why the designs were serious, traditional and a little uptight. But with changes in working environment, a lot of interior designers see that taking the seriousness a notch down can be beneficial to the employees. They saw that when employees are relaxed, then can be more productive. With that, they try to incorporate the ambiance of a residential living space to their designs. Nowadays, you will see comfy couches and other home elements in office spaces. This trend will continue to rise in the coming years, making employees more comfortable in their work space.


  • Dynamic spaces

Dynamic spaces have been around for a couple of years, but it is only now that people are taking notice of it. Dynamic office space refers to an office concept which gives the employees the flexibility to work however they want. They are not confined to their offices and cubicles. Instead, they are given the liberty to work around. This concept gives the employees roam to breathe and be creative.


  • Nature-loving workspace

Green is always in, whether you are designing for an office space or a residential home. But being green is more than just putting a garden or plants inside an office space. Green and eco-friendly working spaces is an overall office design concept that utilizes the resources of an office space to minimize the environmental footprint. You may have already encountered some working spaces like this today. But in 2018, it will be given more emphasis and attention.


  • Smart pantries

The rise of technology is inevitable and there is no denying such trend is on the rise. To keep up with the trend, interior designers and experts in kitchen design in Dubai opted to incorporate this in their design. In the coming years, you will see smart office kitchens and pantries field with innovative kitchen equipment that employees can use to enjoy their meals. Pantries will also be updated to suit the needs of workers.