4 Smart Tips for Driving Employee Engagement

With the crazy, fast-paced lifestyle that most people in the business world cling to these days, it’s not surprising that many office workers are demotivated and feeling fatigued. After all, there’s always the race for a promotion, or even recognition from peers and bosses. Who doesn’t want his or her efforts appreciated in the office?


If you’re a people manager or a boss, you have to ask yourself how to drive employee engagement in the workplace. Demotivated employees are more likely to commit mistakes at work, after all, and even the smallest mistakes can have the biggest impact when it comes to business.


To help you with your dilemma, here are four smart tips you can use to drive engagement in the workplace.


Set Realistic Goals

You may be a manager now, but perhaps you have also experienced the life of an individual contributor. Everyone has their yearly goals and performance assessment in the corporate scene, and you understand how important these goals can be to an employee. The yearly performance assessment rating will affect an employee’s pay raise, promotion, and reputation in the office, so make sure to set realistic, achievable goals that the employees themselves agree to.


Embrace Diversity

Globalization has become a driving force in all industries in the recent decades, and those who can adapt to diverse cultures well have proven to be successful. Multinational companies embrace diversity in the workplace and encourage everyone to be inclusive when dealing with clients and colleagues. As a people manager, you have the power and responsibility to spread awareness on this precious key to employee engagement.


Recognize and Reward

When you surprised your wife with a gift she’s been gushing about, getting even a simple “thank you” will validate all your efforts. The same goes in the workplace. You’d want to be recognized and rewarded after closing an important project or getting a great deal with potential clients, right? Reward your hardworking people with branded items like jackets, shirts, umbrellas, caps, and other apparel. Giving out personal trinkets like phone stands, wallets, and pens is also a good idea. Consult reliable corporate gifts suppliers Dubai companies recommend on these reward items. You can also visit website to learn more about choosing practical and useful items for your team.


Get Feedback

If you notice that your rewards and recognition programs are not working, perhaps it’s time to ask your employees what they want. Personal and professional issues may vary when it comes to motivation, so schedule a coaching time with your employees. Perhaps they want flexibility in work hours and overtime, or maybe they have suggestions on which corporate gifts they think their colleagues also would like to receive.


Discuss these important topics with your peers and see how a considerate and effective manage team with relevant motivation ideas can drive employee engagement at work.