Top Five Questions to Ask your Immigration Lawyers

Dealing with immigration issues and even applying for one can be a nightmare. For immigrants, getting in trouble with the immigration officer or office can be a life and death situation. It can mean deportation, imprisonment, or being away from your loved ones for a long time.

If you are an immigrant, it would be best to have the best immigration lawyers in Dubai on your speed dial to help you deal with your immigration concerns. And if by chance you have to deal with some immigration issues or is currently applying for an immigration application, know the right questions to ask.

  1. What does the situation look like?

Once you laid out all the information, your immigration lawyer should be able to tell what the situation looks like, especially for your application. He should tell you if you are going to win the application or not.  Avoid lawyers who beat around the bush. Being direct is the way to go. But he should also have action steps to present if he thinks the application is moot.

  1. What are the fees to deal with?

Application and processing needs money so before you proceed, ask for an estimate cost including his professional fee, processing fee and other financial factors that you may encounter in the whole process. Lastly, what are the payment schemes he can present.

  1. How soon can he start?

Immigration application can be a long process so getting started as much as possible is better. Ask your lawyer for a timeline and when can you start the application processing. Another thing is, you need to know how often you can reach him if you have questions or concerns about your application. If he is the type that is always unavailable for a call, it would be best to get a more reliable one.

  1. Are there other lawyers who will handle the case?

If you are working with a firm, your lawyer should be endorsing you if and when he will be transferring your case. It should be done prior to any immigration hearing and interviews. Set a meeting with your firm and ask the process of endorsement. You can also set with your other immigration lawyers prior to any interviews.

  1. What are the documents and information he will need from you?

Your immigration lawyers should be able to tell you right away what are the things he will need from you to make this happen. You can ask for a checklist or your Canada immigration consultant in Dubai for assistance on this.